Jessica Gets a Christmas Present!

Smith Optics

Smith Optics "Pivlock Asana" Sunglasses with Purple Sol-X Mirror lens color.

Oh. My. Gosh. Running and sunglasses are like bread and butter to me. Together, they make perfection. If one is missing, forget it, don't even waste your time or energy. Go for a run without my sunglasses? Nope, not happening. Whether it be snowy, grey, dark, dusk, rainy ... doesn't matter. Sunglasses are always part of my run. Sooooo ... let me share my excitement with you! My Christmas present arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. I couldn't compose myself! I was SO flippin' excited to crack open the box and see what was inside! Well, I knew what was going to be inside ... Smith Optics running sunglasses, but I wanted to touch them, and feel them, and hold them ... coddle them like a baby.

Slowly, I began the process of unpacking the box. Inside, I found a beautiful black box stating the product inside was the Smith Optics “Pivlock Asana” sunglasses. WOW! The name is even awesome – Asana. It rolls off the tongue effortlessly.

Then, I had to do it … I had to open the beautiful black box containing, what I hope will be, my new best running partner. The one that I will share every mile with from this day forward for a very, very long time.

I opened the box, then opened the storage case. I smiled a huge smile. Inside, safely packaged, was the Smith Optics Asana frames, with three lenses in the Purple Sol-X Mirror collection. The frames are a beautiful, glossy white color, and the lenses are purple, rose, and clear colored. Purple is my favorite color – this is far too perfect. This relationship has started out perfectly.

Now, I get to spend some time over the holidays getting to know the Asana. My race schedule for 2015 is piling up (remember my New Year’s Resolution?), and having THE perfect pair of sunglasses to log all the miles will be priceless.

This story will be continued … I hope you find a Christmas present that will mean as much to you during the holidays as the Smith Optics Asana already means to me. I’ll fill you in, in detail, on our journey.

Love, Jessica & Asana


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  1. I hope these are perfect for you! 🙂

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