2014 Run Oregon Holiday Gift Guide

I love this time of year with more time with friends and family, good food and making memories together.  Often this time of year involves some shopping for gifts for those friends and family members.  If you have a difficult time shopping for the runner in your life, need some fresh ideas to gift to your dedicated running buddy or want to check out some cool stuff to add to your ever growing wish list… check out some of the neat things Run Oregon has gear tested and approved in 2014.

“One of my all time favorite pieces of running gear is my Noxgear.  I’ve worn it while out with the kiddos Trick-Or-Treating, on an overnight relay and when I need to sneak a training run in with the dwindling sunlight.  With the sun setting pretty quickly in the fall and winter, this is a perfect gift for yourself or the cyclist or runner in your life.  The vest is versatile for any activity that would require you to be seen.   I’ve had a car slow down and yell at me “You are awesome!” while my lights faded and flashed through a spectrum of colors.  Other times, I’ve had cars veer over to give me ample room even though I was on the sidewalk.  There is no denying you will be seen and a bit safer with this cool safety vest. ”      (~ Robin)

“I love this product! Bright! Fun! Colorful! Everything that is perfect for Christmas and the dark nights of winter! I constantly get seen and get compliments (and of course asked where I got it.) (-Maryalicia)

Full Run Oregon product review HERE.

Website:  NoxGear

Price: $$ ($60)


“I am a pretty positive guy in general and it typically takes a lot for me to not enjoy something. But, I LOVE THESE SPENCO SANDALS (say it with a Tom Cruise voice for full effect). I literally crave coming home, peeling off my work shoes and slipping these on to go play with the kids in the backyard. I don’t know the full science behind arch support, but these sandals appear to have it down!”  (~ Matt)

Run Oregon product review can be found HERE.

Website: Spenco

Price:  $$ ($50-$80)


“While the Fastpack may be initially billed as a pack for the hiker or adventurer in all of us, it can be used as so much more.

When I talked to Ultimate Direction directly, I mentioned to them that, while I do hike, I didn’t want them to expect that my experience with the pack would be from spending the next 6 months traversing the PCT with the pack. They were aware of this, but told me to see how I think it would fit in with the runners we cater to.

Here are just a few ways I have personally used it:

    • Duffel bag
    • Luggage
    • Race day pack
    • Hiking day pack
    • Dirty clothes bag
Whether you are looking for a hiking pack, day pack, or duffel bag, the Fastpack 20 is a clear winner in my book. A larger version (Fastpack 30) is coming out soon as well – so be on the lookout if you need even a little more room!”  (~ Matt)
Run Oregon product review can be found HERE.

Price: $$$ ($150)


“I was blown away by the quality of Atayne. I love that the shirt was made completely in the US and though it took longer to ship, it was amazing to know that the timeframe was due to the fact that each shirt is made to order. Awesome. The shirt looks great when running and feels as I would expect a tech-shirt to feel. It also has fit well into some casual occasions (i.e. jeans and a shirt) and looks just fine there as well. In just over a month of having this shirt, I have worn it immediately after it has been washed. I love it that much.”  (~ Matt)
Full Run Oregon product review can be found HERE.
Website :  Atayne

Price $$ ($30-$45)

In all honesty, the Saucony Ride 7’s are some of the more comfortable running shoes I have worn. They cushion and hold tight in all the right spots. Even a quick and simple lace-up seems to yield a comfortable fit when running. I have felt ZERO foot pain, aches, or really any new blistered areas. That’s about as solid as you can get.”  (~ Matt)

Run Oregon product review can be found HERE.
Website:  Saucony
Price:  $$$ ($120)

“I had a scary situation about a 18 months ago that left me deciding to run without music.  Then I learned about RoadNoise and have been excited that I can enjoy some of the benefits of rocking to my motivating music while also being able to hear traffic, people, animals and all other things in my surroundings too.  If traffic is too noisy to hear your music in the built in speakers, it’s probably for a good reason (hint:  if there is that much traffic, you need to listen to the traffic and pay attention to your surroundings).  This vest, with some reflective elements, helps me feel safe and in tune with my surroundings while also indulging in my guilty pleasure.  They are also a local company, having invented this product in response to Hood To Coast’s ban on ear phones.  Pretty cool!”  (~ Robin)

Run Oregon product review can be found HERE.

Website:  RoadNoise

Price:  $$ ($55)


“The straightaways proved that the Thule Urban Glide was well-built and balanced. I hardly had to do any side-to-side steering over these portions because once I set out on a straightaway, the stroller just followed. The turns were where the real test of any stroller is – and the Urban Glide dominated! The smoothness and control of the stroller allowed me to actually keep one arm off the handle and used it for pumping, as I would have with no stroller. This allowed me MUCH more stamina and led me to a 5th place overall finish! I tried arm-pumping in my old stroller, and the second I took both hands off that handle, I felt like it was going to spiral out of control. I remember how excited I was to tell my wife that I could actually run fast (did my 5k at a 7:54 min/mi pace – not too bad)!”  (~ Matt)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Full product review can be found HERE.
Website:  Thule
Price:  $$$$$ ($399.95)

Nuun is a great stocking stuffer and available in a variety of flavors that taste pretty good (in my opinion!).  They offer something for everyone with their three different product lines “active”, “all day” and “energy”.  The “active” line is formulated specifically for electrolyte replenishment, “all day” nuun tablets  are enhanced with all-natural vitamins and minerals and “energy” which is formulated like the “active” but containing some caffeine for a boost and energizing B vitamins.”  (~ Robin)

Run Oregon product review found HERE.

Website:  Nuun

Price: $ ($7 at most retailers and $24 for a box of 4 tubes on their website.)


Maryalicia sports the Neon Yellow Wide SparklySoul which went nicely with outfit AND background!

“For me, there is no run without a sparkly headband and SparklySoul is my favorite.  They are  360 degrees of sparkle (all elastic), have tons of options, and stay on my head without slipping. They add fun and sparkle to any runner (fun to see them on the males!) ”  (~ Maryalicia)

Run Oregon product review can be found HERE.

Website:  SparklySoul
Price:  $ ($15-17 each)

The North Moore Short is a new product designed by two ex-Ivy League athletes who are striving to mix functionality with comfort. This undergarment has two pockets, one on the hip and the other on a thigh, allowing us active men to have options for carrying our phones and other valuables. Both pockets are waterproof, allowing men to be active and not worry about messing up their technology. ” (~ Matt)

Run Oregon product review can be found HERE.

Website:  Way Of Life Athletic Co

Price $$ (about $45 based on Kickstarter)

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