Race Preview: Mustache Dache 11/15/2014 (Beaverton, Oregon)

Mustache Dache BLING! Portland Race is November 15, 2014. Photo Credit: Mustache Dache Main Page Website

Mustache Dache BLING! Portland Race is November 15, 2014. Photo Credit: Mustache Dache Main Page Website

Movember! I recently found out about Movember, and what it was all about. I know, I know … I am late to the game! But in case anyone else isn’t familiar with Movember, let me take a second to talk about it.

Movember has been around for a couple of years (at least, right?). October is all about pink with Breast Cancer Research month, and now November shall be known as Movember. The Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the ‘face’ of men’s health. A couple of the 800 programs in 21 countries that The Movember Foundation supports include the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Men’s Cancer Navigation Services, mental health programs, testicular cancer programs, men’s health programs and global collaboration.

So how can you get involved in Movember? Well that is super easy! You can run. Hooray!

Join me on Saturday, November 15 for the Portland Mustache Dache, which is one of many, many running events taking place all over the United States during the month of Movember, err, I mean November. The Portland edition of this race will begin and end at Big Al’s in Beaverton. The race will be a 5k event, and you are strongly encouraged to come bearing your best mustache – men, women, young, and old racers alike! Best costumes, mustaches, team spirit, and top three finishers in broad-age groups will be recognized. Bring long the kids, too, as they will even have their own distance-appropriate race, called the Mustache  Dache CAPE run for kids 12 and younger. Capes will be handed out to the kids to wear during their event, too – and they even get their own finisher medal!

Strollers are okay, but absolutely no dogs allowed on the course. I wonder if I could bring one of my cats, though? Your registration fee of $40 (until 10/31/2014, then raises) includes a super awesome Mustache Dache event shirt, and a fabulous finisher medal, that also doubles as a bottle opener (nice! I haven’t added a bottle opener medal to my collection yet!). If you are a fan of mustaches, there are bound to be oodles of different ones to look at, too. Isn’t that what Movember is all about, after all (not all about, but kinda-sorta-maybe-a-bitty-bit)?

The 2014 Mustache Dache Portland proves to be a fun, entertaining, “cult classic” style 5k event that I am super excited to experience. I’ve never raced in an event like this before! I hope you will get registered for this event, support Movember, and join me at the races!

Date: Saturday November 15, 2014
Distance: 5k, Mustache Dache CAPE Kids Run (12 and younger)
Start Time: 10 a.m. at Big Al’s (14950 SW Barrows Rd, Beaverton)
Cost: $40 until 10/31/14, $20 for the Mustache Dache CAPE Kids Run
Register: Click here to register

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