Water, Water Everywhere: Run Oregon’s Hydration review of Hydroflask

Company: Hydro Flask was launched in Bend, Oregon...and focuses exclusively on delivering the world’s best quality and widest variety of high performance, double-wall vacuum insulated products. Each flask is made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel and is stylish, lightweight, reusable and BPA-free. Hydro Flasks provide users the freedom to go anywhere with the assurance that their cold liquids will stay cold for 24 hours, and hot liquids will stay hot for 12 hours. imageMatt (32 oz. Water Bottle - MSRP $33.99): For someone who actually drinks a bunch of water each day, it's pretty silly that I have never had a HydroFlask. I feel that HydroFlask is the Levi's of water bottles. So many water bottles that are NOT Hydro Flasks are referenced AS Hydro Flasks because the design is so well-recognized, at least here in the Pacific NW.

It’s hard to really “review” a water bottle. What I can say is that I love it. I have had double walled jugs before that claim to keep beverages cool for X number of hours, but I have found it is rare it reaches that amount. One day last week, I filled it with chilled water in the morning and forgot to take it at work. Opening it up and taking a sip 12 hours later was still as cold as it started. Now that’s amazing right there. Additionally, this size is compatible with some of their additional lids, as some people may not enjoy a large mouth opening (my wife hates them).

It’s hard to imagine I will go back to any of my old plastic cheapo water bottles after getting my hand on one of these.

Teresa (32 oz. Water Bottle – MSRP $33.99):

Between my runs, family hikes, three kids playing soccer and any number of other activities, my family goes through a lot of water bottles.  Through the years we have tried all kinds from plastic to metal (oddly, with three boys we have had to replace dozens of lost water bottles).  So I can pretty confidently say that when my mom gave me my first Hydro Flask water bottle a few years ago, it was not like any water bottle I had ever owned before.

Where Hydro Flasks stand out is their ability to keep cold water cold for hours – regardless of what is going on outside.  These water bottles are built like a thermos, using vacuum insulation to keep the contents cold or hot depending on what you put in them. The bottles are durable with stainless steel – no BPA concerns.  Another big plus is that, unlike other metal water bottles I have used, these bottles don’t sweat at all.  I have had ice water stay icy for hours, even in ninety degree weather.  It is great to finish a run or take long hike and have super cold water at the end.  I have used my smaller Hydro Flask for hot tea, and it stays hot for hours, sometimes too hot, as it takes a very long time to cool down.  I know now to let the tea get to a comfortable temperature before I put it in the thermos, otherwise I may need to wait hours to be able to drink my tea.

Hydro Flask water bottles come in a variety of sizes, from 12 ounces up to a 64 ounce beer growler.  I have some 18 ounce Hydro Flasks and each of my boys have their own color coordinated 40 ounce bottle for soccer.  Each Hydro Flask has a lifetime/100 year warranty from just about any kind of damage.  My youngest son somehow cracked the top of his Hydro Flask.  All I had to do was take a picture of the water bottle and e-mail it to Hydro Flask and they shipped me out a new top at no charge.  I also love that this is an Oregon company, headquartered in Bend.

You can find Hydro Flask bottles and REI, New Seasons, Whole Foods, Emerald City Smoothie, and other outdoor retailers.  You can also buy directly from  www.hydroflask.com.  Once you try a Hydro Flask you will wonder why you ever used another water bottle.


  • Really keeps drinks cold for a very long time even in hot weather
  • Keeps beverages hot for a long time
  • Durable construction
  • Does not sweat
  • Fantastic warranty policy


  • Probably too heavy to carry on a run (but you will have cold water waiting for you at the end)
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