Get ready for your spring marathon with Coach Jim’s training plan

Well, the Portland Marathon Clinic is over for the year (until April!) so it is time for Coach Jim’s free training runs to start up again. The pace-group-led runs won’t kick off until November 1 – many of his pacers ran the Portland Marathon – but here is Coach Jim’s mileage recommendation for you to stay on track for the next few weeks.

10/11/14: 8 miles

10/18/14: 9 miles

10/25/14: 10 miles

Coach Jim does offer personal coaching, so if you’re interested in that please contact him through the Coach Jim’s Elite Runners in Training facebook page. His rates are very reasonable and he coaches the whole runner, including coaching for your mental game so you don’t let negative thinking derail your training.

His schedule is set up for the ORRC Vernonia Marathon; he’s also got the Shamrock Run as a built-in training race if you should like to run it. We’ll post the full schedule next week, along with map links to each of the routes.

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