Feeling like Superheroes: Run Oregon’s super natural review of super.natural

It’s hard to think about cold weather running when the weather has been as hot as it has the last few months. It has been near unbearable at times in the Rasmussen house due to the lack of air conditioning. Even looking at long sleeves makes me want to start sweating immediately. However, the wool-based gear at super.natural has already come in handy for at least two Run Oregon bloggers already! 

Company: super.natural is a company that has been based overseas, but is hitting North America this fall. Their wool-based products are combined with synthetic fibers that are designed to be odor-resistent, thermo-regulating, and have a solid quality.

We take inspiration from the natural world to design the super.natural collection of intelligent, stylish performance apparel.


Matt (Base 1/4 Zip and Base LS 175): It wasn’t a week after I had both pieces of clothing in my closet that I put them to good use – and was thankful I received them! With another 100 degree day staring our family in the face, we decided to head over to the coast for a day of cool temperatures. However, what was forecasted as a 68 degree day was actually a 55 degree day with continual wind gusts. In other words, it was a typical Oregon Coast day.

I had thrown the Base 1/4 Zip in my bag as a precaution and it came in handy. What I first noticed is that it had a good snugness without being too compression-y (if that makes sense). It was also very light, which for some reason wasn’t what I was expecting when I thought about wool. If you combine “light and breathable” with “thermal” and you have a solid piece of running gear in the Oregon fall and winters.

As of my initial draft of this review (9/10/14), I have worn the Base LS 175 on a few night runs where the weather was comfortable and not typically one where I would typically wear long sleeves. The breathability of the wool-blend did not leave me feeling overheated and remained snug.

I found the designs and look to be straightforward and have an understated classiness. No designs, no major color variations, just a simple “s.n” on the sleeve. While recommended for a tumble dry, my 1/4 zip accidentally ended up in the dryer and came out with no noticeable shrinkage (phew).

I hope to get more usage out of these products as the summer is ending and the cool days and nights necessitate a greater need for layering. I feel these fill a very important niche in my running gear repertoire.

Teresa (Max Noemi and Base ¼ Zip)

I always run cold, the summer is no exception.  Kids don’t like it when it’s my turn to carpool; they accuse me of keeping the car too hot. I’m the soccer mom wearing a parka year round, which makes me easy to pick out and mock and I can accept that. I was super excited to test out some base layers from Super.Natural- a Max Noemi and Base ¼ Zip. Both were practical pieces with a blend of 48% Merino wool, 48% Polyester and 4% Lycra. They are super simple and classic cuts that won’t go out of style and, unlike my parka, they are lightweight and form-fitting, which I love. I feel like the snug fit helps keep the warmth in.

Lightweight, these are easy to toss into my gym bag and throw on after a sweat session.  I sweat a lot and the combination of wool, polyester and lycra keep me warm, even with a sweaty sports bra underneath.  They are light enough to wear as a layer for running on a cold day, but cute enough that I can wear them with jeans or a casual skirt and cheer on my boys at a game. Most importantly, they keep me warm.  These are super practical, do their job and look nice. I don’t have room in my closet for things that aren’t functional, but these definitely make the cut.

These have gone through the dryer more times than I’d like to admit, but absolutely no shrinking. The sleeves don’t ride up on me and, after a couple of months, they haven’t turned into crop tops.  Too often I get stuck with ¾ length sleeves and my midriff showing after a time or two in the dryer, but I’m so excited these have maintained their size and shape.

When I’m in the mood for something cozy warm and comfortable, I go for these. Best part is I don’t look like a slob in them.  They are perfect as a layer for the slopes, a lightweight shirt for a cold morning run, under a jacket at a soccer game or over a sweaty top after the gym.


  • Perfect fit, snug but not too tight
  • Warm and Comfortable
  • Lightweight and easy to stash in a gym bag
  • Dries fast and holds its’ shape, even in the dryer
  • Sporty style, not frumpy or Hipster


  • Check back in a few more months, since, unbelievably, I don’t have any.
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Matt Rasmussen lives in Keizer, Ore. with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys watching hockey, going to as many breweries (618) and wineries (152) as he can, and all things Canada (he was born there). Matt was raised as a baseball player and officially transitioned over to running in 2010.

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