Race Recap: Dogathon Fun Run 8/31/2014

Last weekend, my family and I participated in the "Dogathon" 5K at Bella Organic Pumpkin Patch and Winery.  This was a family friendly event, including the dog family members!  This event was an untimed "fun run" and had 400 participants registered before race day and several day-of registrations.

We don't have a dog, so my kids were over-the-moon to participate in this event and practice asking anyone with a dog if they could please smother their pooch with love and attention.  I might need to get a dog...  But let me tell you more about this event!   

We arrived with plenty of time to pick up our packets and bibs and mingle with other participants before the event.  Goodie bags included a soft cotton/poly blend shirt, a doggie bag to pick up after your pooch should they poop, a couple doggie biscuits, a CoGo bar for the humans and along with some coupons for various things, a voucher for the participant good for two HUGE pancakes with your choice of maple syrup or covered with amazing strawberries, a strawberry sauce and a ton of whipped cream.  Can you guess which one me and my family opted for?

It wasn’t long before we queued up with the runners and joined the first wave at 10am. The next wave would be the walkers at 11am.  My only suggestion would be to stagger the walkers 15 minutes later and not a whole hour.  I wasn’t sure about the event being advertised as a “trail race” if I should bring “The Behemoth” (my double running stroller), so I knew we would be walking with two small kids in tow.  When the 10am wave started, it was already too warm to stick around and occupy the kids for an 11am wave (and a super long adventure taking forever with them on foot for 3.1 miles…)  So, we started at the back of the pack at the 10am wave and my 4 year old heard that air horn blast and took off running.  She was super pleased with herself to pass people and i tried very hard to reel her in to the right side of the road so others could pass.  They’re never too young to learn race etiquette, right?

Well, Bugaboo started out too fast and it was no time at all before she was burnt out and ready for a ride.  I didn’t bring the stroller!  I was sorta thankful for that too when I looked at the deep grooves and ruts in the road created by farm equipment and large trucks.  But just as I was making a mental note of that, a strong and fast mother with a load full in her stroller whipped past us on part of the course that passed by an earlier part.  The course was set up with lots of loops that intersected other parts of the loop so racers, runners and walkers on various parts of the race were often in view.

I was examining the course map drawn on a dry erase board before the race and was a bit worried about how to know when to turn on which loop and so forth, but the course was very well “marked” with volunteers from the Oregon Humane Society pointing us in the right direction.

Volunteers also had at least 3 water stations, complete with wading pools for the dogs to take a drink or a dip with the temperatures quickly rising.

After the event, there was a band playing live music and then activities and contests with Radio Disney and various activities people could enjoy at a small cost (such as the corn maze, blackberry picking, train rides, food court and beer and wine).

Despite my kids wanting to be carried a bit and it taking just over an hour with an “almost” 2 year old and a 4 year old, they had a blast and that makes an event successful in my book.  I would absolutely do this event again.  Maybe next year we will also have a dog?  Maybe.  (that could be a test to see if my husband reads my blog posts?)

Do you run with a dog?  Have you done dog-friendly events?

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