Cascade Lakes Relay registration opens October 1, 2014!

October 1, 2014.

Write it down. Planner; Google Calendar; In pen on your arm. Whatever you do, mark this date down.

Registration for the 2015 Cascade Lakes Relay opens on October 1, 2014.

The 2014 event sold on in lightning speed on the first day last year, and WILL do so again this year. If you are unfamiliar with this relay, here is what to expect (from their website):

  • A free craft beer at the finish for all participants and volunteers – choose from 30 beers available from our local craft beer sponsors

  • A Team Captain gift to thank you for your extra work

  • A free medical team available for everything from blisters to heat injuries

  • An extra “veteran” shirt for every 5 years you participate

  • Personalized bibs with your team name

  • Enough porta potties so you’re never waiting for more than a few people

  • Water Ambassadors to offer water or a spray down when you’re hot

  • A gorgeous, challenging course through the diverse terrain of Southern & Central Oregon

  • No traffic!

A mere 200 teams will be accepted to run in the 2015 event, which is far less than those who desire to race. Therefore, there will be a random lottery for those who get in. If you are thinking about being a captain, make sure you start gathering some money now. Each registration requires a $500 deposit by October 5, 2014(it will be shredded if you don’t get selected).

One cool thing is that if you aren’t selected into the relay this year, yet you register for the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay  your entry will be guaranteed for Cascade Lakes in 2016!

There is a ridiculous amount of information on the website that answers any possible question you could think of to ask. It’s a wealth of knowledge that you should definitely check out. I could spend all day outlining all the great freatures, from interactive leg maps, to an entire section dedicated to during-race updates, to every detail you need to know when registering. It’s really a thing of beauty.

Hey, did I mention marking down October 1, 2014??


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