Preview: 2014 Run Like Hell – Just around the corner with big changes this year!

Maryalicia Starts the 2013 Run Like Hell Race (Photo by Greg Homolka)

Last year left a few disgruntled runners at the 2013 Run Like Hell (RLH). But this year is going to be different….

If you didn’t know, last year’s race had a train stop the runners for about an hour. The runners spoke their displeasure to the race organizers at Terrapin Events!! Now,  the race directors have told us that they learned their lesson from last year. and listened to the runners. The main change is that they have rerouted the course so that it does not go over train tracks! I know what you are thinking, it’s too soon to start planning for a fall race- but it is not! Fall is just around the corner and so is this race. Historically, RLH has been a great race, despite the train mishaps, and is a Fall tradition for runners. This year they will be celebrating their 11th Anniversary and this year’s theme is “Under the Sea”, which will add a team costume contest to the judging.


When: October 26th 2014,

  • Half Marathon Run/Walk 7:45 am
  • 10K Run/Walk 8:20 am
  • Kid’s Half Miler 8:30 am
  • 5K Run/Walk 9:00 am

Where: The half marathon begins and ends by Pioneer Court House Square in Downtown Portland, on SW Broadway between Washington and Alder. The 5K and 10K start on SW Broadway, near SW Taylor and finishes where the half does

Charity: The event benefits Molly’s Fund, a non-profit dedicated to fighting Lupus.


  • In-store at the NE Foot Traffic:
  • Friday, October 24th: 11 am-7pm
  • Saturday, October 25th: 10am-3pm
  • At the event at 7am

2013 Run Like Hell Medal (it glows in the dark!) Photo by Michael Allen Creative Arts

REGISTRATION COSTS (includes Adult Tech Shirt and Chip timing):

  • Kids Half Miler: $5.00 until Friday Sept 5th
  • 5K Run/Walk: $29.00 until Friday Sept 5th
  • 10K Run/Walk: $34.00 until Friday Sept 5th
  • Half Marathon Run/Walk $74.00 until Friday Sept 5th
  • Half Marathon VIP experience $124 until Friday Sept. 5th/5K / 10K VIP EXPERIENCE $89 until Friday Sept. 5th 
  • and Group registration available too.

The Course:  The course has changed for ALL THREE distances. These course changes AVOID train tracks and avoids ANY potential issues caused by train delays. So check out the new routes!


  • RLH will also be featuring the “Musical Mile” where we will have true to Portland performers (like street musicians) about every block for a mile stretching from Couch to Marshall.  This unique portion of the Run Like Hell course features 12 blocks where 12 unique Portland musicians play to all three distances (half, 10k, 5k).  All participants will pass the Musical Mile twice, making 24 magical, musical and entertaining blocks for all to enjoy!
  • Strollers are welcome
  • After Race Party included!

Even with the train tracks, this was an excellent race last year! Tasty food and beer, a spacious venue, and great costumes. So don’t hesitate to register, as prices are going up soon on Sept 5th at 11:59pm! Register Here! (Online registration closes October 14th) or at a Foot Traffic or Fit Right NW Store.

Maryalicia with Emily and Tony Sipe at the 2013 RLH Half Marathon Photo by Michael Allen Creative Arts

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