Registration reminder for Silver Falls Marathon (and other distances)

Here’s the important information: Registration for the Silver Falls Marathon, Half Marathon, 50k, and 7-miler opens on August 1, 2014 at 8:00 AM sharp!

Here are some other details:

  • If you remember last August, you probably have memories of just how fast the half marathon distance sold out (um…8 minutes). I know it’s a hassle, but you need to be AT YOUR COMPUTER in plenty of time.
  • The Silver Falls experience is now a 2-day event, with the 50k, Marathon and 7-miler taking place on Saturday November 1st and the half marathon on Sunday, November 2nd.
  • The half marathon has expanded to allow 900 runners over two waves! One wave will begin at 9am and the second at 915am.
  • Wave 1 will be reserved for faster runners and anyone who projects their time to be 2:15 and under; Wave 2 will be 2:15 and slower including walkers.
  • The other events will be capped at 300.
  • If for some reason you forget or can’t get in, VOLUNTEER! If you do, you will be guaranteed free entry into next year’s race for volunteering, plus a free shirt and other goodies.

7 Mi – $25
1/2 Marathon – $40
Marathon – $55
50K – $65


November 1st
50K Ultra – 7:30 AM
Marathon – 8:00 AM
7 Miler – 9:00 AM

November 2nd
Half Marathon 9 and 915a

Silver Falls Marathon 2013

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