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Lake of Death Relay: 12 or 24 Hours of Running Fun

Hood to Coast, Gorgeous Relay and Cascade Lakes Relay are all full, but there’s still an option for runners itching to get their relay fix. Held at Hagg Lake, just outside of Forest Grove, the Lake of Death Relay isn’t your typical relay. You don’t have to rent a van, you won’t watch your runner go by as you’re sitting in traffic and you won’t be completely sleep deprived for Monday morning. Granted those make for good memories and some fun stories, but if you’ve already been there and done that, check out Lake of Death Relay. There are lots of options with this relay. You can run it solo, or with teams of 2, 4, 6 or 8. Your team can go for a 12 hour stretch or make it 24 hours of fun. You get to choose between a trail run or road run- although you must pick one for the duration of the relay, as runners can’t switch back and forth. So many options and such a fun way to mix up a relay, plus it’s close to Portland.

Instead of driving around to exchange points, you get to camp in one spot, pretty luxurious. The trail course is 14.5 miles around the lake and the road course is 10.7 miles. Teams have the option of running the entire loop or using an exchange point part way around. In between legs you can swim, relax, sleep or just hang out at your campsite. There will be a movie and popcorn, as well as a chocolate fountain. This is not your typical relay.

Instead of going point to point, teams are seeing how far they can run in a 12 hour or 24 hour period, with team bonding at the campground in between. The race will begin at 8AM on Saturday, August 2nd and will end at 8PM for the 12 hours runners and 8AM Sunday morning for the teams participating in the 24 hour race. Breakfast and Mimosas will be served Sunday morning and there will be a beer garden for those over 21. Make sure to bring cash, the beer isn’t included in the fee. The following IS included in the fee:

Race Entry


Entertainment, including movies and a bonfire

Popcorn with your movie, chocolate and food carts

Team Breakfast (for those completing the 24 hour relay)

Finisher medal

The cost varies, depending on the number of runners on your team:

12 Hour Relay

Solo $100

2 Person $160

4 Person $240

6 Person $360

8 Person $400

24 Hour Relay

Solo $150

2 Person $200

4 Person $300

6 Person $400

8 Person $480

All the fun is at Boat Ramp C at Hagg Lake, approximately 30 miles Southwest of Portland. Organized by local seasoned race directors Trevor Hostetler, Todd Janssen, and Renee Seker, The Lake of Death Relay will not disappoint. A great deal, close to home and perfect opportunity to get in on this unique inaugural event. Registration closes on July 30th. No vans, no traffic, just a good time.

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