Small Race Preview: 2014 Bigfoot 10k/5k in Yacolt, WA


August 24, 2003

Man approached by Sasquatch, south of Yacolt, WA

LOCATION DETAILS: Within a mile of Moulton Falls


NEAREST ROAD: Lucia Falls Rd.

OBSERVED: I have often thought I saw someone run across the road while I deliver the paper. I often stopped to use the restroom in the same spot. I heard funny noises, but thought it was a bear or some other animal grunting and what not. Last night (about 4:30 AM actually, so this morning) I was stopped along the road looking over my route sheet, when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walking. I slowly reached up and turned off the light. I put the car in gear, and looked over. What I saw made the hair stand on the back of my neck, and got tears in my eyes. It wasn’t 7 feet tall, more like 6 feet or so – I’m guessing, because it didn’t seem to be bending over too far to look at me. It was maybe 5 or 6 feet away from my car. I was so frightened that I drove off as fast as I could. I called 911 and they thought I was a nut.



Teenager recounts his sighting as a very young boy on his property near Yacolt


OBSERVED: As usual for my afternoon activity, I left the house to pick thimbleberries. I was approximately fifty yards away from the house, and had been devouring berries for no more than three minutes. It was then that an enormous creature stood up suddenly, from what I presume to have been a squatting position, from behind the hedge of thimbleberries, no more than three feet away from me. Although I was only two years old at the time my memories of the incident remain quite clear. The creature was covered in thistly stark white fur. Its build consisted of exceptionally broad shoulders, long burly arms which dangled at its sides, and a waist easily twice as large I was. The whole appearance gave it a rather square appearance. For the three or so seconds that I remained there I stood petrified by how large the monster was. I didn’t look up to see the monster’s face, but my peripheral vision told me that it had a human-shaped head and that it touched a twig on the tree behind it. After those few seconds passed, I ran. I ran back to the house as fast as I could. I was terrified.

He is real! - Photo courtesy of Bigfoot Fun Run

He is real!
– Photo courtesy of Bigfoot Fun Run

Yacolt is a small-ish city located about 30 miles NE of Vancouver. And apparantly this is the place to be if you want to see Bigfoot, or take in a local 5k/10k. The 2014 Bigfoot Fun Run is back for it’s 5th running on June 28, 2014.

I had actually never heard of this city, so when I checked out a video of the race start, I was shocked to see quite a solid turnout (180 total runners last year). Both courses will be out-and-back along some country roads. While the 5k remains pretty flat, the 10k will have approximately 350 feet of elevation gain. There are a ton of great pictures at their Facebook page.

The race benefits the Yacolt Events Fund. Following the race, stick around for a parade and fireworks too!


Bigfoot 5k/10k Fun Run (Yacolt, WA)

When: 8a on June 28, 2014

Where: Yacolt Town Hall

Register: Online here; $25


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