Mini Preview: 42nd Annual Monmouth Mini-Marathon

Independence is a great day for running in Oregon. There are quite a few events out there and most of them follow some sort of parade route - allowing runners to get a workout in first, followed by taking in a fun parade with the family. One of my favorite 4th of July races is the popular Monmouth Mini Marathon (2.62 miles), now in its 42 running.

The race typically sees 500+ runners. Racers begin on one of the main streets in Monmouth and is a one-way (point to point) jaunt to the finish in the city of Independence.  Here are some quotes from my previous running:

The race began in front of Monmouth City Hall in the older historic district. Runners donning their crisp bibs were everywhere and spectators lined the street on both sides. The start felt a little cramped initially, but after receiving word from the race director that this years entrants were the most in its 40 years of existence, I actually felt happy and proud to be next to so many motivated individuals.
Monmouth Mini flag.jpg
The race course does not veer off of the same road at all during the running.

One road, one “S”curve, and straight from point A (Monmouth) to point B (Independence). There were no significant hills or technical parts to speak of. It was just a good ol’, out in the country, red white and blue, All-American run. Alright, I don’t know if it was all that, but it sure felt in spirit with the holiday. Those not participating lined the entire length of the course waving flags, cheering us on, and even some going so far as to whip out their house hose and cool down those wanting some refreshment. Also, due to the large number of runners spread through a short race distance, I was always hoofing it with or near other runners and we chugged along like brothers and sisters towards a common goal. Costumes, colors, and the good old U-S-of-A were on display for 2.62 wonderful miles.
If you need to get a little longer work in than just 2.62 miles, park near the finish and run to the start (or vice versa). But make sure you stick around for the Western Days Parade!
When: 1130a
Where: Monmouth City Hall – Old Independence City Hall
Register: Online here or mail-in; $15
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