Hi. My Name is Jessica and I am Addicted to Racing.

“Hi. My name is Jessica and I am addicted to racing.” Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Having a running and racing addiction is such a great thing, in my opinion. I’ve been advised that discussing my addiction openly is a good idea, especially with people who are similarly addicted. So, fellow running fanatics, let me share with you just some of upcoming races I will be participating in. I sure hope to see some of you at these!

Ridgeline Ramble by Level 32 Racing on 5/24/14

Ridgeline Ramble by Level 32 Racing on 5/24/14

Ridgeline Ramble, May 24, 2014, Eugene, Oregon: I’m registered and ready to go for the 10k distance for the Ridgeline Ramble. This race features a 10k, 20k, and 20k two-person relay option. Also, this event is the third of six trail racing events occurring in the Run Big Trail Series by Level 32 Racing. Registration is limited for the Ridgeline Ramble, so make sure to get registered really soon if you want to participate! No race day registration. Racers will be running over the Ridgeline Trail in South Eugene, which is very beautiful. A full preview of the race can be found here.


Vancouver USA Marathon Finisher Medal 6/15/14

Vancouver USA Marathon Finisher Medal 6/15/14

Vancouver USA Marathon, June 15, 2014, Vancouver, Washington: (Warning: This one is pretty long-winded). This will be my third year participating in the Vancouver USA Half Marathon, hosted by Energy Events. I just have to let everyone know, this race is exceptional. A part of me doesn’t like revealing incredible events like this one, because I don’t want to be capped out (when a race sells out) and not have the opportunity to participate in this incredible event in future years. So, you know what that means? If registration is available for the 2015 event on race day, like it was last year, I’ll be taking advantage of it! A

Vancouver USA Half-Marathon Finisher Medal 6/15/14

Vancouver USA Half-Marathon Finisher Medal 6/15/14

quick run-down on why this event is exceptional: incredible finisher medals, excellent tech shirts, Bart Yasso at the finish line, Summer Brewfest at the finish line (and the Vancouver Farmers Market!), and superb post-race amenities such as food, ice baths, and so much more. Fellow RunOregon Blogger Marilyn Tycer is participating in the full marathon, and I’ll be racing in the half marathon. Go Marilyn! Get registered for this one, you will not regret it!


Mary's Peak 50k and 25k by Oregon Trail Runs 6/21/14

Mary’s Peak 50k and 25k by Oregon Trail Runs 6/21/14

Mary’s Peak 50k and 25k, June 21, 2014, Blodgett, Oregon: I’ll be racing in my first 25k trail race for Mary’s Peak! Yay! This will be a great endurance test – Mary’s Peak is the highest point in the Coast Range at 4,097 feet! The race is limited to 200 participants in each distance, so definitely get this trail race on your calendar and register right away before it sells out, and make sure to beat the price increase by registering prior to June 7! More details in the race preview here! I’m so excited to be participating in an Oregon Trail Runs event for the first time!


FootTraffic Flat Marathon & Half 7/4/14

FootTraffic Flat Marathon & Half 7/4/14

Foot Traffic Flat Marathon, July 4, 2014, Portland, Oregon: It seems like everyone in the Willamette Valley has participated in the Foot Traffic Flat event, which has occurred on Sauvie Island every Fourth of July for many years. I’m really stoked to run in the half marathon event this year – it’ll be my first time participating in this event which I have heard nothing but extreme praise for. Hot dogs (and veggie dogs) at the finish line, fresh strawberry shortcake with strawberries from Sauvie Island, incredible finisher medals (that are huge and heavy!), excellent course support and lovely views all await participants. I’m so excited to get to the start line and run this race on July 4! This race has a solid history of selling out very early, so don’t wait and get registered now, and check out the registration open announcement!

Eugene Marathon Finish Line Inside Hayward Field (Photo Credit: Eugene Emerald)

Eugene Marathon Finish Line Inside Hayward Field (Photo Credit: Eugene Emerald)

Eugene Marathon, July 27, 2014, Eugene, Oregon: How can you pass up running in Track Town USA? I sure can’t. The Eugene Marathon has a solid history of providing racers an amazing race experience. Really nice finisher medals, excellent post-race food and support, and excellent event shirts. Of course, the finish line being on Hayward Field is pretty incredible, too! Additional details, including why you must get registered for this race and experience an entire weekend of running bliss, can be found here. Also, check out Kelly Barten’s post on weekend activities in Eugene!


AA Sports "30th Annual Mid-Summer Tri/Du" 8/3/2014

AA Sports “30th Annual Mid-Summer Tri/Du” 8/3/2014

Midsummer Triathlon, August 3, 2014, Portland, Oregon: Oh my gosh! I am finally doing it. This will be my very first triathlon! Needless to say, I am super jazzed to jump in the water for the swim, zip onto my bicycle for the bike portion, and save the best part of the triathlon (I know, I know … don’t throw the tomatoes at me and boo me off-stage) for last – the run! With a Hawaiian experience awaiting participants at the finish line, and warm water likely for the swim, even a finisher medal! Thank you AA Sports for hosting such an incredible triathlon that I am beyond thrilled to participate in. Find out more about registering and details of the race in my registration open announcement.

Energy Events Cosmo 7k 8/9/2014

Energy Events Cosmo 7k 8/9/2014

Cosmo 7k, August 9, 2014, Vancouver, Washington: This race is the definition of a high energy event and running party tailored to women racers. The Cosmo 7k occurs on a Saturday evening in the historic Officer’s Row area of Vancouver. Last year, everyone praised the race organization, post-race cocktails (21 and over, bring ID!) and the event shirts. Also, Energy Events, who holds the Vancouver USA Marathon that I speak so highly of, are organizing this race. You know what that means? It’ll be awesome. Check out my previous post on this event.

If you see this ridiculous face at a race, come up and say hi!

If you see this ridiculous face at a race, come up and say hi! It’s Matt, Run Oregon Blogger at last year’s Sunriver Marathon for a Cause!

Sunriver Marathon for a Cause Weekend, August 30-31, Sunriver, Oregon: Wow! Talk about the best-of-the-best for destination racing. You’ll find it right here for the Sunriver Marathon for a Cause weekend, which happens over Labor Day weekend in Sunriver. Each day, Saturday and Sunday, different races will be taking place. I’ll be participating in one of two Challenge Races; the Half + Half Marathon Challenge. There is also a Half + Full Marathon Challenge! What this means is on Saturday, you run the half marathon, and on Sunday, you’ll run in either a half marathon or marathon. AWESOME! Not only is Sunriver an exceptional place to relax and recreate at, but it’s a runners paradise on this weekend. Excellent finisher medals, event tech shirts, and post-race refreshments for runners. You will absolutely, positively, not be disappointed! Get registered and join me in a weekend of racing excitement! More details from a previous post available here, and price increase information here.

Are you salivating at the list above? Well, get registered for one or more and them … and run with me! Let’s be addicted to racing as a great big group!

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  1. Elaine Knipe // May 15, 2014 at 1:29 PM //

    Love your inside scoop on these runs/races! And totally understand what you mean!!! Hope all your races go well!!!

    • Thank you so much for reading, Elaine! I definitely want to continue posting things like this that have some ‘insider scoop’ information 🙂

  2. Aww thanks for the shout out Jessica 🙂 That’s an awesome lineup of races!

  3. Emily Canady // May 15, 2014 at 2:09 PM //

    Ah Jessica I must proudly say out loud too then that I am addicted to racing! It’s like once you start, it seems impossible to not be looking for your next fix… I am pretty certain that I am signed up for at least 1 if not 2 races every single weekend thru October at this point. Lots of half’s. If you understand that high feeling, you just keep signing up for them and honestly only a fellow addict really understands.

    I’m signed up for a few of the same races as you above. Excited for the Vancouver USA half and the Foot Traffic Flat too!!!! Heck, I actually am excited for all of them, I live to get thru the week to get to my weekend races. That is addiction at its finest 🙂 Thanks for the article and sharing your addiction!

    • Emily! Oh that is music to my ears to read your message about your addiction, too. 🙂 We have to stick together, don’t we? 🙂

  4. Hi Jessica!
    Boy, I thought it was just me! Those sound like amazing races and good luck on all of them!
    I did my first half marathon in Toronto last fall and as soon as I got home, was looking for the next one! Unfortunately, there weren’t many and within the month we were into one of our toughest winters in a long time. I was forced onto the treadmill after several rough attempts to run in snow and -20C windchill (not fun).

    I had already picked out 4 races starting in April/14. My first was a 10km down Yonge St. in Toronto (the longest street in the world). I was so excited I final did it in less then an hour. My next was a week later – a very hilly half marathon I’d been really nervous to do, but thought that’s why I trained on the incline setting on my treadmill all winter! Amazing run through trails and beautiful golf course paths. So far my most fulfilling race yet. I was biting at the bit for one the next weekend and found a 5km charity run for our local food bank. This would get me through to my next half marathon in Toronto the following week. Oh boy, it’s been two weeks now with out a run and I finally found a 10 km for Easter Seals on a trail system close to home. Booked it for May 25. Can’t wait for my next half marathon in Niagara Falls on June 1st. Am considering a 30km evening run in August, then at least 4 half marathons for the fall. Too bad summer gets so humid here- maybe I should try a race involving swimming as you did.

    Good luck and keep running!

    • Kathy – Wow! A half marathon in Niagara Falls! I am super jealous! Congratulations on all your races, that is so awesome!

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    Short but very accurate information… Appreciate your sharing
    this one. A must read article!

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