2014 Dirty Dozen 5K Adventure Challenge Recap and Results

Dirty Dozen 2014 start

The start of Wave 1
Photo credit: Ariel Wasson

Over 500 participants descended upon Albany Motorsports Park April 19th for 3.1 miles of mud, water, and obstacles of varying difficulty at the Dirty Dozen 5k Adventure Challenge put on by Run Wild Adventures. Dispersed between 5 separate heats that started ten minutes apart, the course eventually became a chain of people. The small event atmosphere was a pleasure, as well as the level of organization present throughout the event. The attendees were diverse, from obvious cross fit types, to those who were just out there to soil their creative super hero costumes.

The start was very unique, on the motocross track where the bikes start. After previewing the course a little, I had realized the first section was mostly wide open and just running, so a quick start for a good position was not necessary. Hence why, in this photo, there are a handful of people in front of me. The first section was a mix of dirt track, muddy field, and puddles. The footing in the field was soft, but not too slippery. There were a couple short climbs and a straight stretch before we came back to the structure shown in the upper right of the picture. It involved running underneath and then climbing some netting to reach the top before jumping off the far side. That was followed shortly by half a dozen concrete barriers, the first two of which I hurdled, but then I resorted to bracing a hand on it and swinging my legs to the side in an equal desire to be safe about it yet maintain speed. Because there were two very long straight stretches parallel to each other it was possible to look to the side and see a great number of participants.

Dirty Dozen 5k

The first obstacle
Photo Credit: Ariel Wasson

It just got more difficult from there, as we entered the woods and the obstacles were closer together. The trail (I’m using the term very loosely) became single track, very muddy, and went through and across creeks. It is where I made the obligatory mud run fall, trying to turn too quickly leaving a water crossing. Each obstacle had at least one observer present, and the course was marked clearly with yellow caution tape.

Due to the numerous turns and amount of focus I needed to use to ensure I could maintain my footing, I lost track of which order the obstacles were in, so here are a few highlights. Crawling through a creek with blackberry bushes arching overhead was a little tougher than expected. Sliding under horizontal beams inches from the surface of four inch deep water guaranteed we would get soaked. Walking across a water hazard on a wire while holding onto a rope was plain fun. Crossing a sand mountain (personal observation) four times while hoisting two twenty five pound sand bags was brutal.

The second place participant tackling the obstacles with ease Photo credit: Ariel Wasson

The second place participant tackling the obstacles with ease
Photo credit: Ariel Wasson

To add to the challenge, a particularly tough thirteen year old was hot on my heels. Every time we doubled back on the course I could see that he would gain more ground. The advantage I had while running was eradicated twice as fast by his tenacity through the challenges. It was a very fun event, and definitely a bit more challenging than I expected.  I actually can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this event, and want to return next year.

Find more pictures of the event by Ariel on Facebook on her photography page.

Find the full results here

Male Winners

1. Brian Bernier, 29:16

2. Jedaiah Wasson, 29:51

3. Tom Stinchfield, 32:02

Female Winners

1. Tracey Stinchfield, 33:15

2. Kim Ewalt, 34:55

3. Heidi Robbins, 39:09

Male Masters Winners

1. Sloane Anderson, 32:30

2. Warren Coffeen, 33:18

3. Sean Larsen 34:13

Female Masters Winners

1. Michele Smith, 44:02

2. Karen Gerig, 45:15

3. Amanda Pickar, 45:30




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