Product Review: Outer Spice seasoning

outer-spice-banner Remember our Run Oregon Test Kitchen?Well it was pretty evident to us bloggers that the best cook among us was Geli. We gave her the opportunity to do a little cooking with Outer Spice. For those newsletter subscribers, you could have had an opportunity to win a free bottle through the contest that just ended today (cough...sign up now...cough). Here is her short review of her cooking with Outer Spice. I try to cook healthy food without excessive salt or fat. Adding herbs to your vegetables and meats are a great way to boost the flavor without unnecessarily adding calories. Outer Spice seasoning mixes were new to me, and I was excited to give them a try.

I started with the “Original” flavor with Himalayan Sea Salt. I very much enjoyed the flavor! It is somewhat similar to spice blends you may find in your local grocery store, but this small company prides itself in making the seasoning mixes in small batches, choosing the finest herbs, and partnering with the suppliers and growers. While the taste difference may be subtle, looking at and smelling the mix of herbs is reminiscent of walking through a spice market.

At the moment, Outer Spice offers four variations: Original low-salt, Spicy low-salt, Original no-salt, and Spicy no-salt. The seasonings are available at the online store.


  • Four Flavors
  • Gluten-free, no MSG
  • 3.75 oz per bottle
  • MRSP: $6.99


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