2014 Rum Run Preview

The Rum Run has been around since 2008, and has been a staple of my racing calendar for the past three years. Enticed by promises of good competition, the Energy Events website really emphasizes the...energy..of the event.  With a cool tropical theme, a DJ keeping the crowd pumped, and a vibrant race area, it is a fun one to attend. It starts and ends at Tualitin commons, and the finish involves going around the man made lake in the center.


Finishing with my fiancee at the 2013 event. I proposed right before the race started.

 Featuring a 5K and 10K for adults, and numerous heats of races for the kids, this event truly has something for everyone. I have personally never done the 5K, but I know it passes through Cook Park and follows up a big uphill with a long downhill.  Turns are well marked, and volunteers are plentiful.  The 10K passes through the park twice and goes through some neighborhoods, but the last mile and a half is run with the 5K, including the large hill. Both events are chip timed. The kids get numerous heats by age, and run one lap around the lake. The event is capped at 1500 participants and has been known to sell out, so waiting until close to the event day is not advised if you want to experience this run.

 rum-run-logoPost race festivities include a Kona beer, 10 Cane Rum Mojitos, and Shoyu Chicken from Roxy Grill. If you plan on picking up your adult beverage, make sure to bring your id. Music is playing throughout the event, and there are numerous vendor booths to peruse. Post race fuel is fruit and bagels, which goes perfectly with the Jamba Juice they generally hand out. Child care is also available for the offspring of participants. It is limited to kids from three to ten years of age, for an additional $10.

From a personal standpoint, this is one of my favorite races of the year. I enjoy the energy and music which sets it apart from other events. While competition tends to vary, the course is a blast, with changing scenery and many challenges.  To add to this events personal history, three years ago I saw my fiancee for the first time, finishing the 10K. To commemorate it, last year I proposed to her just before the race started. The knowledge that I erased her chances of running fast was eased by the look of surprise when she figured out was going on.

 For the official event site and a link to register, click here. Also, follow the race on Facebook too!

Registration will increase on April 16, so register now!

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  1. Thomas G // April 11, 2014 at 1:45 PM //

    Course has changed this year, eliminating the neighborhood hills for the 5Kers. The 10k has also changed and no longer goes through that neighborhood, but still will require a climb (believe it goes up that really steep path at the westernmost edge of the Cook Park trail). Unfortunately, despite the course changes, the 10K is still long at 6.35mi, adding a minute to the average runner’s time.

  2. Brian Bernier // April 12, 2014 at 6:59 AM //

    Thank you for the update! I was not aware the 10K was long, which is funny because I run about the same overall time there as I do at any other 10K.

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