ORRC Turkey Trot shirt featured on NPR’s “Is This Your Old T-Shirt?”

ORRC race shirts in Kenya! - Copyright 2014 NPR. To see more, visit

ORRC race shirts in Kenya!
– Copyright 2014 NPR. To see more, visit

Thanks to alert reader Lisa Mingay, we have learned that an ORRC Turkey Trot t-shirt from long ago (well, at least five years) was featured in an NPR story on t-shirts that were found for sale in Kenya.

I asked a few people on the ORRC board from which year the shirt pictured (it’s #15 of 15 in the photo gallery) is from, but no one knew … or no one that knew got back to me. I have been at the ORRC Turkey Trot the past five years, so I know it’s older than that!

Speaking of the ORRC Turkey Trot … it’s a pretty awesome race that takes place every year on Thanksgiving morning. What makes it so awesome? Let’s start with the fact that it raises upwards of $20,000 for the Oregon Zoo. And we’ll finish with the finish line: in the zoo, at the bottom on a big hill, right in front of the elephant enclosure! If you’ve never done it, start recruiting your friends and family to run or walk it with you now!

Do you recognize this shirt? If you can tell us which edition this shirt is, we’ll rustle up an entry to another local race for you. But only if you’re the first person and the Turkey Trot RD can verify your answer. Because we don’t trust our own memories, much less those of people we meet on the interwebs!

To submit your guess, post a comment to this article right here below!

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