Preview: 2014 Seattle Rock n’ Roll (Seattle, Wash.)

One fun fact about me: I’ve spent my time in Oregon so enraptured by the state that I’ve still never been to Seattle. The city is only two hours and forty-four minutes away from where I live, but I just can’t get it together. Portland, Forrest Park, wine country, Sauvie Island, the high desert, and the coast have so much to offer that I’ve simply had no reason to leave the state for an entire year, but for one quick jaunt to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon. Enter the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon, and I now have not only a reason to visit Seattle for the first time– this will also be my inaugural Rock n’ Roll half. 

Sparkle Skirt gives the Rock n.' Roll Seattle Marathon two thumbs up. Save $13 on the 13th of every month when you sign up for a RnR event.

Sparkle Skirt gal gives the Rock n.’ Roll Seattle Marathon two thumbs up. Save $13 on the 13th of every month when you sign up for a RnR event.

The Saturday, June 21, 2014 Marathon & Half Marathon will start early in the morning at 7:00 am at the Seattle Center in downtown Seattle on Broad Street & 5th Avenue N. Lucky for the lazy folk like me whose war cry is “give me convenience or give me death,” the race also finishes at the Seattle Center. The course was revamped in 2013 to take out one of the notable hills on the still-hilly course, but fear not– race participants will still experience the iconic Seattle sights they’ve come to anticipate as they run past live bands every mile. Here’s the quick and dirty on this year’s Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon:

WHERE: Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington

WHEN: Saturday, June 21, 2014 @7:00 am

STYLE: Hilly and somewhat figure-eight style.

TIME LIMIT: 7:00 H for the Marathon / 4:00 H for the HM

DISTANCES: 13.1 and 26.2 miles

MUSIC FESTIVAL: You better believe it. All over the course and back at the Seattle Center Start/Finish.

MUSICAL HEADLINER: The Presidents of the United States

TEMPERATURES: The average historical high in Seattle in June is 70° F (hence the early start); low is 52° F. Rain is not expected.

EXTRAS: Epic medal (and the chance to score even more bling if you sign up for the Portland Rock n’ Roll as well), wave start, Water/Gatorade/GU, Family Reunion area, D Tag (disposable shoe chip) timing, Brooks Tech Tee, and special early-morning advance ticketing for the Seattle Monorail (an easy and green way to get to the crack-of-dawn start time).

The only thing I’m concerned about right now– other than the ever-possible prospect of fluke weather– is that the course map says that there is an elevation gain of 213 ft in less than .2 miles right before mile 9. Now I don’t know about you and how much upness you like in your life, but I am of the opinion that 213 ft is a comically big elevation gain for such a short distance. Is there a small mountain in the middle of the course? Just putting that out there now– I will be walking that .2 mile section. Have any of you Run Oregon readers run this course before? What are the highlights of your own experiences or the things you wish you knew ahead of time? Let us know in the comments on Facebook. We love to hear from our Reader Community!

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