Product Review: Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag

You guys, i've found "the one"

You guys, I’ve found “the one”.

Gaiam was kind enough to send Run Oregon their Everything Fits Gym Bag and I am so excited to tell you all about it. Let us begin with full disclosure: I am not a bag lady. Before I received this amazing gym bag I was using a Trader Joe’s paper bag to haul all of my running stuff from home to work… well, no more!

Having said I am not a “bag lady” what I really mean is that I am not one of those that gets all excited about bags, but the Everything Fits Gym Bag has changed my opinion on this. This is not only a perfect gym bag, but it is a perfect “mom bag”- I needed a bag more than I ever knew and this was the perfect one for me. There are all the compartments you could want and even a strap for your yoga mat and a mesh/ventilated compartment for your shoes.

A perfect resting place for my shoes where the mud can't get on my other bag items.

A perfect resting place for my shoes where the mud can’t get on my other bag items.

As a working mother, I have more stuff to carry around than I care to, but this bag was the answer to my problems. Inside there is a place for me to hook my keys, many compartments to put my notebook, magazines, paperwork, etc. And because of the awesome shoe compartment, it creates different”levels to the bag” providing space for me to tuck things away neatly. For me, accessibility is everything and this bag hits that – I don’t have to dig for my keys, I can easily grab my notebook. The second most important issue is that the bag is not flashy. It is a very classic bag that isn’t an eye-sore, I especially like the quilted embellishment on the front and back.  I was sent the black version – which I love. They also sell this bag in bright violet.

The bag itself has:

  • Two  pockets with a velcro snap on either side where a water bottle could go
  • Pockets with a button-snap on the front and back
  • A zipper compartment in the bag
  • An elastic water bottle compartment inside the bag
  • A keyring
  • An elastic slip bag inside (pictured below with my polka dot notebook inside)
  • A separate compartment for shoes or other items with a breathable mesh cover
  • A strap on the bottom for your yoga mat
Everything is locked, loaded, and ready to go. I am ready with all of my gear.

Everything is locked, loaded, and ready to go. I am ready with all of my gear.

In my bag, I like to carry my shoes, running outfit, other running accessories, work stuff, and my breakfast and lunch for my work day. In the picture above, all of those things are in there and it isn’t a struggle to zip up the bag. Also, the bag is super easy to carry on my shoulder and isn’t bulky to where I have a hard time getting into my car or going through doors, very sleek.

What I love most of all is the $60 price point, compared to other bags on the market, this is extremely reasonable. The utility of this bag is unparalleled and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Head over to Gaiam to check out this and their other awesome products.

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