One Day Relay Series: 12 Bridge Relay Running May 31st

twelve-bridges-relayIt’s exciting to see more relays popping up.  A relay is a great way to make new friends,  get to know old ones a little better and run some mileage at the same time.   We have a new one day relay coming to the Northwest on May 31st.  The Twelve Bridge Relay starts in North Plains, covers 67 miles of terrain, and includes the entire stretch of the Banks-Vernonia State Trail.  I discovered this area with the Vernonia Half Marathon and quickly decided it’s worth the 26 mile drive out from Portland.  You really feel like you’ve stepped back in time, replacing concrete and stop lights with streams, meadows and wildlife. 

Team of up to 6 runners will  start and finish in North Plains, crossing 12 bridges in the process.   Waves will start between 6AM and 9AM and refreshments will be waiting at the finish line.  Since this is a historical area, the Race Directors have limited registration. I’m relieved I have a spot and I’m super excited it’s with a bunch of Run Oregon Bloggers. I know it’s going to be a blast and have a feeling this new event will fill every year.

The railway was built in 1913 and was used to ship lumber from the 1920’s until 1957, when the mill closed. It was then leased to a steam excursion company, providing passengers with a little historic adventure.  Eventually it was abandoned in 1973 and rights were given to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department in 1990.  The Banks Trailhead officially opened in 2010. The Banks-Vernonia State Trail is Oregon’s first rail to trail project, paved over old train beds.   Flat and peaceful, it’s a multi-purpose trail for cyclists, hikers and runners to enjoy.   12 bridge

Most teams consist of six runners, but you can run it solo, with a friend or however many friends you can talk into it, up to six. All teams must provide one volunteer to work a 4-6 hour shift or ‘buy a volunteer’ for an additional $50. My friends and family will appreciate this option. Registration cost includes a shirt, medal and refreshments at the finish line. It, of course, includes the 67 mile course and portable bathrooms will be at every exchange point. There is even talk of some actual REAL flushing toilets as well, since we’ll be running through some parks.

A day of running with friends and finishing in my own bed at the end sounds perfect to me! Prices range from $400 for a team of 6 to $65 for runners going it solo and everything in between. I’ll be somewhere along the Banks-Vernonia Trail on May 31st, running or ringing a cowbell with my RunOregon teammates and I can hardly wait! Check out all the details for this new one day relay series here.

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