Race Preview 2014 Pacific Peaks (Portland Rock ‘N’ Roll and Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll)

The Pacific Peaks Medal for 2013

The Pacific Peaks Medal for 2013

I love the Rock ‘N’ Roll series. I know they aren’t perfect, but they do put on great events that please the majorities. They have great Bling (which I love) and the social race energy is amazing! This year I am signed up for the Pacific Peaks medal! What is that you ask? It’s a special medal given for those who register and finish the Portland Rock ‘N’ Roll 2014 and the Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll 2014 Races. Last year’s Medal was amazing and heavy! I admit, I was a little jealous of those who got it, but I was out of state for the military May to June, and was unable to complete either event. Another great thing about this event, is that just for completing these two races, not only do you get the Pacific Peaks Medal- but you also get the Rock Encore Medal! So for medals for the price for two. (Ka-Bling!!)

One great thing I love about the Rock ‘N’ Roll races is that they are incorporated into the large events in both cities. With the Portland Rock ‘N’ Roll normally kicking off the Rose Festival, and the Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll is a part of the SeaFair. I love events that are tired to an experience. The drawback is it can be intense running half marathons so close together, so if you are doing Pacific Peaks like I am, be sure to get on a training plan and get those miles in now, so you have a good base of 10-14 miles you can keep up until after the Seatle Rock ‘N’ Roll. I myself am doing the Train Like a Mother ‘Own it’ Plan, but there are several plans that will make you successful.


Race Names: Portland Rock ‘N’ Roll and Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll = Pacific Peaks

When: Portland is Sunday May 18, 2014 and Seattle Sunday June 21, 2014

Where: Portland – Downtown Portland along the Waterfront and Seattle is often started near the Seattle Center in downtown Seattle


Portland Offers Half Marathon

Seattle Rock 'N' Roll 2014 Logo

Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll 2014 Logo

Seattle Offers Marathon and Half Marathon

Course: Both courses will have hills. I believe the Seattle one more so than the Portland, but I will find out!

Portland: You start and finish the race along the Portland at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The course is unique to Portland races and takes you where most races don’t. It is fairly flat with a few minor hills (that are not intense) along the course (a minor short steep one around mile 8, as well as another couple of short steep hills around mile 12.) About 1/3 of the course is residential.

Seattle: You start and finish the race at the Seattle Center and also has a unique course that highlights several different neighborhoods, with plenty of the waterfront, downtown, as well as bridges and even tunnel views and little residential running.

Portland Rock 'N' Roll 2014 Logo

Portland Rock ‘N’ Roll 2014 Logo

What you get:

  • Scenic course highlighting host cities sites
  • Live, local bands along the course and a headliner at the end
  • Spirited cheer squads lining the course (usually very energetic and motivating!)
  • Brooks Technical Participant Shirt (usually very stylish – I still wear my inaugural Portland Rock ‘N’ Roll shirt)
  • Official Finisher Certificates
  • Finishers Medal (the Pacific Peaks medal is awarded after you finish the Seattle race. You will receive an email with pickup instructions the week of the event if you qualify. and the Rock Encore is mailed to you with 8-10 weeks.)
  • Gear Bag with plenty of goodies
  • Plentiful Course Support with long aid stations
  • Free Admission to the 2 day Health & Fitness Expo (Lots of great goodies and chances to win prizes, as well as sign upo for the next year’s race at a steal (for a Rock ‘N’ Roll race that is :)!)
Rock 'N' Roll Rock Encore Medal for Doing 2 RNR Races

Rock ‘N’ Roll Rock Encore Medal for Doing 2 RNR Races

You can also run for great Charities for either event, with each event hosting about 5 or more charities each. In the end, especially if you sign up early- you get a lot of bang for your buck! I am so glad I am signed up and ready to go. Last year they announced the Headliner around March and had a special ‘unveiling’ run with prizes and at a local running store to show off the medals. Now to plan my costumes! What about you? Are you planning on running the Pacific Peaks? How were the races?



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