Race Recap: 2014 New Yearathon One-Miler with results

2014NewYearathonCourse1MileThe mile is a tricky race, balanced between the longer sprints and shorter distance runs.  It requires the stamina to hold a tough pace and the mental strength to hit a stride that seems uncomfortable to maintain before the race is even half over.  Adding to the fun, today's Uberthons course included just about every surface imaginable.

 Completely within Cook Park in Tigard, the first half was mostly pavement, but then a quarter of it was on bark dust trails with a few dips and climbs and a couple sharp turns.  Then it traversed a parking lot and some road to come back to the finish.

My fiancee and I showed up with about a forty minute window to do the standard pre-race routines.  Bibs were picked up, shoes retied, and the bathroom visited before we started our warm up. In a mile, there is precious little room for mistakes, so we elected to run the course to ensure we knew what to expect.  It was very well marked and showed us that it was going to be imperative to make the effort to run strong on the beginning and ending stages on pavement to make up for the time lost on the trails.  We arrived back at the start with only 5 minutes to spare, cutting short our warm up time.  I was only able to get in a couple stretches and strides, which unfortunately was less than I was expecting.

With a field of forty nine participants, the field was a little bit smaller than I expected.  I was hoping to see a familiar face that would promise a little dueling up front, but I was disappointed.  Luckily, with clear skies and temperatures in the mid forties, it was optimal race weather. I did not bring my watch, in the hopes that my effort level would be the only way I could determine how well I was pushing it.  After a few successful weeks of 800 meter repeats, I was hoping to duplicate that speed.  I had been averaging in the low 2:20s and figuring with a fast course I could put out a 4:50.  This was not the course to attempt that.

After the gun I started strong and followed the pace bicyclist.  The first quarter mile started on the road and then proceeded to follow a bike path.  It was smooth and flat, but had several turns already.  The next stretch was a straight shot through the parking lots, and then a right onto some more walking paths.  I felt pretty strong and was pushing, but had no way to really know if I was on pace.  Then it got fun, with a few more turns and the bark dust section.  This had a couple sharp turns as well as a sharp drop and long climb.  The climb was a bit soggy and led into the final section on the parking lot, which had a long gradual turn and climb. At the end of that was a last turn onto the finishing stretch.  I could see the clock counting up from just over five minutes and tried to eke out a little bit more speed before the line.

As planned, I circled back onto the course to run my fiancee in.  She was a lot closer than I had anticipated, close on the heels of the leading woman.  She finished smoothly for a second place finish in her first ever race at that distance with a respectable 7:22.  We enjoyed a cool down together and shared a banana and bottled water from the refreshments provided by Uberthons.  Results were available immediately from the computers at the finish area.  Hefty medals were given to every finisher, a staple of the Uberthons race experience.

Find the full results here

Overall Males

  1. Brian Bernier  5:13
  2. Adam DiVergilio  5:48
  3. Tung Yin*  6:12

Overall Females

  1. Susan Brainard*  7:20
  2. Ximena Mendez  7:22
  3. Julie Bullard  7:30

Masters Males

  1. Fidel Banuelos  7:45
  2. Greg Jones  9:53
  3. Douglas Kenderes 10:09

Masters Females

  1. Jackie Groah  7:51
  2. Eileen Kuffner  8:16
  3. Lori Queen  9:51

‘*’ – denotes Masters

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  1. For “dueling” purposes, I had thought about challenging you to beat me by more than a minute. Looks like I should’ve issued it. Maybe we each would’ve eked out a little more speed!

  2. Brian Bernier // January 6, 2014 at 4:58 PM //

    That is a great idea, we should do that next time for sure!

  3. Congrats to both you and your fiancee on placing 🙂

  4. Brian Bernier // January 8, 2014 at 9:41 PM //

    Thank you very much!

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