2012 Hood to Coast recap

This was initially posted by one of old bloggers in 2012. With it being H2C week, we thought it would be fun to post again.


Trash Talkin’ Dream Team at the 2012 Hood to Coast Start

Over the past few years, I have had several friends participate in the Hood to Coast relay.  I never quite understood the draw and quite honestly nothing about it seemed at all fun to me, much less the high cost involved.  Last year I was asked to participate on a team and graciously declined and offered to volunteer for their team instead.  I felt that would give me a good idea of what I could find myself getting into one of these years.

After my volunteer experience in the middle of the night at Exchange 14, I was pretty sure that I would never run this event.  Nothing bad happened, but seeing the runners passed out in the vans while the rest of their team was out running the middle of the night, along a road with semi-trucks on it, didn’t seem like my idea of fun.  Then after hearing about the traffic-apocalypse, my opinion was that this event needs a few years to “marinate”.  Continue reading

A post by Larry Dutko – The only man to compete in every Hood to Coast relay

We reached out to Larry Dutko earlier this week, as this will be his 33rd running of Hood to Coast. He holds the distinction of being the only runner that has ran in every race. He graciously put together a post about his lifetime of experience at H2C.
Dear Runners,

August is always a special time of the year for me as it elevates one’s focus and training on completing another Hood to Coast event. As the years flow by, this will be my 33rd consecutive year of running this wonderful race and I am now known as the “last man standing” who is the only runner left that has run in every H2C run since the initial race back in 1982!  I am also a long-standing member of the Dead Jocks in a Box team and if you have seen the Hood to Coast movie you know who we are.  Whenever I am asked which marathon or which running event I have done is the most memorable, the H2C stands above all other races and events.  So I decided to provide just a few of the reasons why this event is so unique and memorable. Continue reading

Race Preview: X-Dog Events Ole’s Assault (Astoria)

If you’ve been to or read about any X-Dog event, you know that these aren’t ordinary road races. X-Dog has been organizing muddy adventure runs even before dirty runs became mainstream. Ole’s Assault is no different. The event website lists no distance, just an approximate finish time for most people (2-2.5hrs), and the location is described as “near Astoria”.  Continue reading

Coast to Hood to Coast recap: Part 2 – A recap of the insanity that was the 2011 Hood to Coast run

This post was originally written in August 2011 by our wonderful blogger Joe Dudman. Part 1 posted yesterday, and Part 2 takes us to the conclusion of HALF of the Coast to Hood to Coast.

By the time we got into Sandy and Todd was running Leg 7 Eastbound, we began to see what looked like lightning toward the southern horizon. We didn’t hear any thunder and lots of stars were still visible, so at first we wondered if our eyes were playing tricks on us.


UltraLords captain Steve Strauss begins the climb toward Timberline during Leg 1 Eastbound.

But during Mike’s leg the frequency of the flashes increased and a few clouds began to drift in. Distant lightning continued to reflect off the high clouds as we waited for Mike at a side road off Hwy. 26 across from Cherryville Lane. I adjusted my vest and blinkers and prepared to run what I anticipated would be my favorite leg, Leg 5 Eastbound.

I had run Leg 5 several times on conventional HTC teams and was looking forward to running this tough leg downhill for once. As we waited in the pitch dark we could hear the occasional dog barking across the highway. I hoped they were inside or otherwise contained in some way, and not waiting to leap at me from the gloom as I ran by. I also briefly wondered what they were barking at; maybe that was of more concern than the dogs themselves.

But I quickly put those thoughts aside and prepared for a pleasant run in the cool night air. After a few false alarms, we spotted Mike’s light coming around the bend, and it was time to begin my fourth leg. Continue reading

Kickstarter of the Week – What Moves You? A film about running by runners

Product: What Moves You
Location: Portland, OR
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: September 10, 2014
Current Pledge: $5,014 of $100,000

I was passed the link to this newest Kickstarter of the Week upstart at least 4 times in the past 2 weeks. An boy is this one to really make a push for! It really couldn’t wait until Monday to be posted. Continue reading