Race Preview: CityScape Adventure

CityScape Adventure Logo

CityScape Adventure is coming to Portland on Saturday, August 16. “If you are looking for something more than a 5K or afternoon hike, then this is the race for you,” says CityScape Adventures. This team event, billing itself as part scavenger hunt and part Amazing Race will test your teamwork, use of resources, and wit as you make your way around Portland.  Teams of up to 6 can costume up – if that’s your style – and enjoy the adventure. Continue reading

Product Review: Milestone Pod

I am why I can’t have nice things and other thoughts from briefly operating a Milestone Pod.

It doesn’t matter what it is, if it has a seal or a tab or zipper, I will open it.  This generally applies to food products since I exist in a state of perpetual snackishness, though it does not often discriminate (with the possible exception of mail and/or gifts that are not expressly addressed to me.) I open boxes of cereal I don’t intend to eat, simply because they are closed (my subconscious is somehow be offended by this?) remote controls, machinery, and usually anything that has a compartment.

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ADAPTventure Urban Race scheduled for August 2 in downtown PDX

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If you’re an avid Run Oregon reader you know we are obsessed with First Thursday (which is two weeks from today, by the way). Well, here’s a First-Thursday-style-run that is sure to be a blast!

ADAPT Training, my gym, has a program dedicated to athletes with spinal cord injuries called ADAPT Advanced. They’re all about making fitness work for you – whether you’re recovering from a severe accident, training for American Ninja Warrior, or just trying to get stronger. The ADAPTventure Run is a fund raiser for ADAPT Advanced. Best of all, it’s only $10 per person so you can play without dipping into your vacation fund.

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Lake of Death Relay: 12 or 24 Hours of Running Fun

Hood to Coast, Gorgeous Relay and Cascade Lakes Relay are all full, but there’s still an option for runners itching to get their relay fix. Held at Hagg Lake, just outside of Forest Grove, the Lake of Death Relay isn’t your typical relay. You don’t have to rent a van, you won’t watch your runner go by as you’re sitting in traffic and you won’t be completely sleep deprived for Monday morning. Granted those make for good memories and some fun stories, but if you’ve already been there and done that, check out Lake of Death Relay.

There are lots of options with this relay. You can run it solo, or with teams of 2, 4, 6 or 8. Your team can go for a 12 hour stretch or make it 24 hours of fun. You get to choose between a trail run or road run- although you must pick one for the duration of the relay, as runners can’t switch back and forth. So many options and such a fun way to mix up a relay, plus it’s close to Portland. Continue reading

Race Recap: Race The Reaper

The Fitness Studio team ready for Race the Reaper 2014

In true Race the Reaper form, Saturday’s event did not disappoint.  Oregon’s best obstacle course race kept us guessing, with changes to some of the old obstacles and the introduction of a number of new challenges, as well.   This marked my 4th year running Race the Reaper, and every year I improve on some skills and find others I need to work on. This year was no exception. Continue reading