Race Preview: Canby 5K & 10K for Young Life Kids

Canby 5k and 10k

The Canby 5k and 10k for Young Life takes place on Saturday, June 13th. The 10:01am start time is later than many other races, which makes it easy to get to after breakfast. Proceeds from the race benefit Young Life camp scholarships as well as the Canby High School track & field and cross country teams.  Continue reading

Rockin’ out on the East Side – A Run Oregon review of the 2015 Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

imageThe Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Race Series has been a race on my running bucket list for quite some time. I love supporting local races, but every once in a while it’s nice to participate in those big events too. I got my chance at the 2015 Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – an almost 6000 finisher deep event that tours a wide variety of Portlandia. Continue reading

Race Preview: 2015 Bald Peak Half Marathon

Everyone loves a run with great views. Sometimes, there is a catch to great views, and with the word ‘peak’ in the title, you could probably imagine what the catch is. The weather will likely be great on the June 20th event date, as mornings in June are often perfect. You can register online for $55 until the 18th, which will save you a few dollars. Those dollars are going to Hillsboro High School, so it has a good cause.

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Shoe Review: Skora Tempo – the specifics


Skora Tempo Running Shoes

Run Oregon receives and tests running shoes from time to time. This initial post about the Skora Tempo. Matt has just received a pair and has outlined some background information about the company and the new Tempo model.

Company: Skora

Shoe: Tempo

I have always been interested in the natural running phenomenon. But as someone who has consistently found comfort in the 4-7mm drop, I have always been cautious to

For those who are interested in the technology of the shoe, here are some of the descriptions of the design: Continue reading

Race Recap: Run Mama Run…for a worthy cause!

When I originally thought about participating in this year’s Run Mama Run 5k/10k, somehow I envisioned a group of elite running mothers, filled to the brim with coffee, and NOS systems attached to their baby strollers. Ok, that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea. In my mind, everyone would be out for yet another serious competition. I’m soooooo glad I was terribly wrong!

This was my first time being at Mt. Tabor (located in the SE Portland area), and BOY, have I been missing out! Everything I had heard from locals and fellow runners regarding this park was absolutely correct….it was beautiful. Trees, the sounds of blissful birds, and well-marked pathways immediately told me I was about to have a wonderful race..

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Race Preview: White Salmon Backyard Half…”hills” just isn’t a strong enough word!

taken from CGRC website

I need to start this preview of the 2015 White Salmon Backyard Half Marathon (held in..you guessed it…White Salmon, Wa.) with these words…


Let me start off with the standard info on this race. On June 20, 2015, the race will begin at the Rheingarten Park at 10 am for runners and 8 am for hikers. Yes, I said hikers, but we’ll discuss that later. Check-in and day of race registration will open up at 7 am, followed by a 9:50 am pre-run meeting at the start line, which will be on NW Lincoln St. Park bathrooms will be available for use before the race begins, which will come in handy for those with long travel times. No dogs or strollers are allowed on the course.

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My First Century: Reach the Beach presented by AAA

The older I get, the more I try and do things that scare me a little bit. My latest adventure was Reach the Beach presented by AAA. I’ve never participated in an organized ride and barely bike on the road- cars scare me. I think it’s probably mutual with me being such a novice rider. I need work on shifting, am not comfortable with my hand signals and I only recently learned how to change my tire. I’ve done duathlons and triathlons, where the bike portion was mostly on a closed course, but I’ve never gone a long distance sharing the road with motorists until Reach the Beach.

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