Race Preview: Ho Ho 5K (X-Dog Events)

Ho Ho 5K

As we near the end of 2014, it’s time to think about a jingle bell run, and the Ho Ho 5K in Tigard is one that fits the bill. Traditionally, it’s the last event of the calendar year by race organizer X-Dog Events and also serves as a food donation drive. If you donate canned food, jackets, blankets, or pet food, you get a $5 discount off the registration fee (or the race shirt, which is not included in the fee).

Race finishers get hot drinks, HoHos (or some equivalently unhealthy but tasty treat), and a tree seedling. Rumors are that there will be a special guest appearing in a jolly red suit and a sleigh. Well, maybe more of a Subaru than a sleigh.

I’ve run this race twice before (though not last year when it was 25 F at race time and blustery) and enjoyed it each time. It’s been a well-managed race with a course that’s more challenging than it looks, good snacks, and a fun holiday atmosphere. Donations go to the Union Gospel Mission and the Oregon Humane Society.

Ho Ho 5K Race

When: Sunday, December 7, 2014, at 10 a.m.

Where: Cook Park, Tigard

Register: Online here; 5K run/walk, $20 ($8 for children 6-12; free for children under 6). $5 off registration fee with donation of any of the requested items.

Back with a Vengeance! Run Oregon’s review of the 2014 EWEB Run to Stay Warm Half Marathon

About a year ago, one of our bloggers ran in the 2013 EWEB Run to Stay Warm race. She had raced the event a few years prior and her expectations for a smooth, seamless event were quite high. Following the race, I distinctly remember having an internal discussion about her experience, as she felt disheartened with some aspects of the race that fell flat for her. After some discussions (both internal and external sources), there appeared to be some barriers working against the race that year.

Fast forward 365 days to the 2014 event, which was held on Sunday, November 23. I tried to bury any preconceived thoughts about the 8th annual race, though past experiences are sometimes hard to shake. I told myself to just enjoy things regardless of the outcome and try to have fun. But what I didn’t really expect was to be BLOWN AWAY by the 2014 race and CRUSH any figurative dark clouds hanging over the event. Continue reading

Run Oregon Tunes: My college playlist (2004-2007)

When I entered college in 2004, all I listened to was country music. I was boot deep (figuratively) in Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Garth Brooks. These are obviously not bad musicians, but seeing as I grew up in the suburbs, it hardly resonated with me in any sort of meaningful level. However, it was what I knew, so I thought I wouldn’t need much beyond Randy Travis’ crooning baritone to keep me content.

Enter college. Continue reading

Oak Hills Turkey Trot to benefit families displaced by fire

Bliss Cupcakes will be donating some raffle prizes. They did the cupcakes for my wedding and they are delicious. Photo from Oak Hills Turkey Trot facebook.

One of the best Turkey Trots in the Portland metro area is the Oak Hills Turkey Trot. I say this because it’s a true community race – no swag, no post-race party, just a family-friendly event that sticks to the basics of putting on a good run that benefits the local community. Exactly what you need to start your Thanksgiving off in the right frame of mind.

Usually, the entry fee of $2 plus 2 non-perishable food items goes to support the local food banks. This year, however, proceeds will go to the eight families displaced by a November 17th fire. The townhomes destroyed in the fire were so near the school that the organizers knew their student population and their families would want to support those left homeless by the fire. Continue reading

Running or Feasting next week? A Thanksgiving poll

Thanksgiving is in just a few days … and close behind, the final trek to Christmas and a slew of races scheduled for the new year!

Taking out Turkey Trots, will you opt for continuing to log miles or are you taking a few days off to refuel with all the hearty foods your body can handle?

(Note: Both options are approved and supported from Run Oregon’s perspective.)

Kickstarter of the Week Revisited: Forestry Clothing

Forestry Clothing was one of the first handful of “Kickstarter of the Week” posts that we started in December of 2013. I would like to think that we have highlighted a number of start-ups and ideas over the past 11 months and maybe even some of you have pledged your support.

We checked back in with Forestry Clothing to see what they have been up to. They relayed that they  just did a complete overhaul and relaunch to better tend to  customers and add new items to our line. They brought production 100% in-house to streamline orders, and ensure everything is up to our quality. Since bringing our production in-house, they have established a sister company, Green Tree Manufacturing, where they do printing for other brands, organizations, and businesses. Some of their new products are the Mens Coach Jacket, the Ladies Athletic Zip, the Exploregon Hoodie (my personal favorite), and the Leather Patch Beanie with the patches made from recycled leather (leather scraps from businesses).

Here is a reminder of the initial write-up from December 2013.

Continue reading