Race Preview: Run2Survive on October 18th

I love Halloween and obviously kind of enjoy running too, so I get especially excited with the fall themed races this time of year. Run2Survive is one that will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. Register as a Survivor and you have a 5 minute head start with two lifelines. Think flag football: you have two flags attached to your belt and you only stay ‘alive’ if you keep at least one of those flags to the finish line. Continue reading

Race Recap: Hagg Lake Hybrid


Good morning Hagg Lake

Hagg Lake has seemingly been hit with disasters the past few months. From boats catching on fire, to dead bodies being found, to the current fire causing nearby residents to evacuate, the summer of 2014 has not treated Hagg Lake very well. But for one fantastic day on September 13, the skies were blue, the weather was pleasant, and the Hagg Hybrid rocked the house.

The day featured a trail half marathon, a hybrid (trail & road) marathon, and hybrid marathon relay on the roads and dirt tracks around the lake.  But first – breakfast. The oatmeal buffet was a little close to race time, but did offer up some sustenance for those of us who had to wake up ridiculously early to drive to Hagg Lake. Continue reading

My Personal Journey: Running Through Bipolar- Part Two

Recently I have felt compelled to share about being Bipolar; particularly how having the disorder affects my identity as a runner. In the first article I wrote I focused mainly on the depressive side. In this one I want to talk about mania.

In reading back through my journals I found the following excerpt to be very telling of my manic switches, especially since it was written several years prior to my diagnosis:

It happens overnight. I am depressed, I am fighting, I have no energy, no spark, the thoughts are dark then one day it is different. The sun is shining, I’m running more, I feel grateful to be alive and feel like writing. I have ideas, positive ones. The anxiety is more manageable when I run. I turn my thoughts to whatever road race I have on the calendar and become absorbed with music and runners’ high.  As the summer progresses, my mood intensifies. I obsess, but in a good way. I go to bed at night with piles of books on marathon training and my running logs so I can study them. I read other books as well. I read Walden by Henry David Thoreau and soak up every word. I am high up. I don’t sleep very much; maybe a couple of hours but no matter because I’m still energized.

Many a Saturday morning I’ve risen after three hours of sleep and ran twenty miles, feeling good the whole time. Returning home I still cannot rest, and my mind buzzes the rest of the day about my long run and my training.

This has been a seasonal pattern for many years, the depression in the winter, the uplifted mood in the spring and even more so in the summer. I guess it’s a fair enough trade. Continue reading

Race Preview: Molalla River Trail Race 5k and 10k

As our racing calendars for the year start to wind down, a lot of us like to reflect on our year’s accomplishments, as well as our downfalls. Did we have that amazing half marathon where everything just seemed to “click”? Did we run our first FULL marathon this year? Did we crush our 5k PR? Did we tackle that challenging 5k or 10k trail race with all the crazy hills? No, you say? Well then, here’s your chance!

The Molalla River Trail Race is the perfect race to test your limits and see how far you’ve come this year. The race website boasts “This is a breathtakingly challenging 100% trail race!”. With so many races taking place on hot asphalt, this race offers “a beautiful area with an amazing multi-use (horse, biking, hiking) trail system.” This is a great opportunity to get off the street and into God’s country for a few miles of crisp, fresh air.

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Morning sickness v. running

At the 2010 Catnip 5k my husband and then-three-month-old Eliza. My “return” after she was born was slow, but I did it! Here’s hoping after baby #2 I come back stronger than ever.

Here’s the spoiler: Morning sickness wins.

I know some people who LOVE being pregnant. Who can exercise on pretty much the same schedule – even if a little lower on the intensity – right up until that little bundle of joy arrives. Heck, I even have one friend who WON a 10k the day before her son was born. Not first female, first outright. (She is an outstanding athlete, but still.)

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Kickstarter of the Week: Jaha

Product: Jaha
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Website: Jaha
Kickstarter End Date:  Sept. 25th, 2014
Current Pledge: $41,305 of $25,000

Let’s be honest. For participating in a sport that really only requires a pair of shoes (and sometimes not even that), running is expensive! Coupled with that, sometimes staying in shape can be challenge for those desiring a gym membership or personal trainer. Activity tracking devices are an alternative, but can cost a bunch as well. How can we afford it all?

Enter Jaha

Jaha prides itself with being “The Most Affordable Fitness Band” on the market. From their campaign:

Our co-founder Patrick is a normal fitness enthusiast and an overall gadget lover.  Patrick like most other owned some kind of fitness band such as the Fitbit, Jawbone, Fuelband, etc.  All of these bands had 2 things in common. They are expensive and also included an app that simply did not do much other than throw a bunch of numbers at you.

That’s where the idea of Jaha came to be. We wanted to make sure that everyone could have access to a fitness band without having to overpay. We realized that motivation plays a big factor in how you would use a fitness tracker so what we came up with the “Fitness for All” model.

Which meant, an ultra affordable fitness band paired with the world’s most interactive and motivational fitness app by using three simple steps: Locate, Challenge, and Motivate.

There are a lot of details on what the band has to offer, from unique challenges, to locating nearby runners or workout partners, to the simple stuff like tracking steps. And all this right now for $29! That’s an impressive price tag. Maybe this is the next big wave!

Race Preview: 2014 Condor 25k Trail Run

Coming Sunday, October 5th, to the McDonald Forest in Oregon is the Condor 25k Trail Run. The Condor 25k Trail Run is put on in honor of Dave “Condor” Bateham, an ultra-marathon runner who passed away. The proceeds of the race will be donated to the Oregon State University Research Forest Fund for trail maintenance and construction of new trails.

Condor 25k Trail Run Photo Credit: Condor 25k Trail Run Website

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