Race Recap: 2015 White River Showshoe 4k and 8k

The Vancouver Run, Grub, Chug Club at the White River Snowshoe Race Photo Credit: Amber Corsen

On Sunday, January 18th I ventured to Mount Hood to participate in the White River Snowshoe race for the second year in a row. The race, which is put on by X-Dog Events, has a 4k and 8k option; of which I participated in the 4k.

I met up with six other people from my running group in Vancouver and we carpooled to the start of the race. On the way to Mount Hood we stopped at Otto’s ski shop in Sandy to pick up a parking pass that is needed to park at White River Snow Park. As we got closer to the snow park I noticed that there wasn’t much snow on the ground, but luckily there was just enough snow needed to go snow shoeing. Continue reading

Race on the Cheap: More Budget Friendly Runs

As race prices continue to climb, many runners feel they need to limit their events to save money. We’re looking for runs that don’t cost a fortune so you can participate in more, save money for a more expensive event on you wish list or just feel good for being frugal. Here are a few deals coming up and make sure to share with us any ‘finds’ you’ve discovered in your racing.  Continue reading

Race Recap: 2015 Vancouver Lake Half Marathon

View from the start line.

A thick fog blanketed the Vancouver Lake Half Marathon on Sunday, January 25, but that didn’t stop over 400 runners from showing up. This was my fifth year running the race and warmest that I had ever seen it. You never know what January will bring for race day from freezing cold to a torrential down pour. Fortunately for us here in the northwest, the weather is usually mild. This year it was a balmy 46 degrees with 93% humidity. It felt warm enough to wear a singlet, a nice change especially since our fellow runners in New England are now getting hit by a blizzard.

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Race Preview: Rambunctious 5k Fun Run, Jacksonville OR

On Saturday February 7th, 2015 come help kickoff the Chinese New Year with a 5k Fun Run. The Rambunctious 5k Fun Run will launch a full day of activities in historic Jacksonville Oregon. The race is an easy 5K Run on paved roadway and portions of the ‘Rails to Trails’ path through Jacksonville, come out and celebrate Chinese New Year 2015 – The year of the ram.

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2015 Eugene Marathon registration increase happens February 1

There’s Flapjack himself back in 2010. This photo was taken by Run Oregon founder Kelly Barten and remains to this day the best photo of the speedy breakfast treat!

Planning to “run in the footsteps of legends” this May at the 2015 Eugene Marathon? You’ll save $10 if you sign up before (not on!) February 1, 2015! Click here to register online.

Here are the registration prices through January 31:

Marathon: $95
Half Marathon: $75
5k: $20
Kids Duck Dash: $10

On February 1, all prices increase – the marathon and half marathon go up $10 and the 5k and Kids Duck Dash go up $5.

The 2015 Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon are scheduled for Sunday, May 10; the 5k and Kids Duck Dash are set for Saturday, May 9.

My Reason for Running the 2015 Race For The Roses for the First Time

Taken from Race for the Roses website

Everyone has reasons for choosing to register for a particular race. For some, it’s price. For others, it’s location. And for that very small group of people, it’s the bling. (Yes, that was sarcasm….we ALL love the bling!) For me, there are many reasons I’m looking forward to participating in the Race for the Roses for the first time in 2015. Here are my top 6 favorite reasons.

1. Running through downtown Portland

Getting the chance to run through our beautiful city without trying to pass people with serious glares, or getting run over by all the cars that are in a huge hurry to go nowhere is a plus. Getting to run through town and having a rare chance to enjoy the scenery or Portland’s many historic buildings, instead of trying to survive the road Hunger Games…SCORE!

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