Race Preview: 2015 Once In a Blue Moon 5k (West Linn)

Once in a blue moon

When you are looking for a summer race, there certainly isn’t a shortage of 5k’s out there. That’s why it is nice when a run stands out through timing, location or theme. Once In a Blue Moon 5k Adventure Run takes place on the evening of Friday, July 31st, with a blue moon shining on participants. Furthermore, this is no ordinary 5k.  Continue reading

Destination Race: 2015 Suncadia Multisport Summer Festival (July 24-26th)

The inaugural Suncadia Multisport Summer Festival is scheduled for July 24-26th and will include a little something for everyone. Sure to be a new destination race, the Suncadia Resort includes miles of trails to hike or bike, a spa for special treatment, 36 holes of mountain golf and 2.2 million acres of beauty in the Wenatchee Washington National Park. Suncadia Resort is 80 miles outside of Seattle in Cle Elum, a quaint town surrounding the Cle Elum River. A great excuse for a quick family getaway, the multisport weekend will include events for cyclists, runners, walkers and kids. Add to the excitement, Bart Yasso will be the emcee, announcing finishers as they come in. If that isn’t enticing enough, there will be a Summer Brewfest during the festival with 15 local breweries and 30 beers on taps. For the gear junkie, there will be a 3-day expo at the resort to get your fill. Continue reading

Race Recap: 2015 Twilight Run at the Festival of Balloons Nightglow event (Tigard)

Twilight Run

It should not come as a surprise that an evening race will have higher temperatures than an early start time, but when the daytime high for Saturday was predicted to be over 100*, I was questioning my decision to sign up for the Twilight Run (for the third time). Thankfully, the day’s weather didn’t pan out as forecast, and it was a balmy 96* when I parked my car in the Tigard High School parking lot.  Continue reading

Race Preview: 2015 Pick Your Poison (formerly Lake of Death) 12 & 24 hour relay

All things considered, death by running doesn’t seem like too bad of a way to go out. At the 2015 Pick Your Poison Relay – formerly the Lake of Death Relay – we (as well as the RD’s) hope you don’t actually die, but we’d probably be OK to just have your legs and body become happily exhausted over the span of 12 – 24 hours of pure awesomeness.  Continue reading

Race Review: 2015 Mary’s Peak 25k (6/21/15)

Race Director, Mike Ripley, providing the pre-race briefing.

Race Director, Mike Ripley, providing the pre-race briefing.

Oh my word. Mary’s Peak nearly destroyed me last year, when it ran it in 2014. It wasn’t pretty. Not one piece of the race was pretty for me last year. It was so not-pretty, that my right foot is proof of the destruction bestowed by Mary’s Peak upon me – I have two toe nails that still aren’t fully back, and one toe that is still numb, more than a year later.

Needless to say, I don’t take too kindly to things that try to throw me for a loop. But, I love, love, love a challenge. So, when I crossed the finish line in 2014, there was zero doubt in my mind that I would be back in 2015 to shower some ‘revenge’ on ‘Ms. Mary’. Continue reading

Race Recap: 2015 Noah’s Quest 5K and 10K

Like running through the trails in a small race, grief is a private journey… even if there are other around you.  Passing by you.  Perhaps even knowing and understanding as they make their way on the same path.  I joined the small gathering of runners and walkers at Noah’s Quest in Sandy, Oregon.  I joined to be a support and an encouragement to my friend who lost her baby girl only a few hours after her birth.   I joined, and was overwhelmed by the emotions thinking of how most of the participants shared a common bond that no one would want.  Despite these thoughts of mine, the event is actually very uplifting and something I would encourage everyone to support.  The race takes place every year, for the last ten years, on the last Saturday of June.
Continue reading